Sunday, 18 January 2009

Some of my best friends . . .

might not be Israeli any more. This is one of the very few eyewitness reports (out of thousands) of an attack on a civilian's home to appear on the mainstream media in the US. The victim is a Gazan doctor who works in Israel.

The background story appears to be this:

"So, Israel's channel 10 is interviewing its regular "good Palestinian", Dr. Az A-Din Abu al-Ayash, an OB-GYN who actually works at Israel's Tel HaShomer hospital outside Tel Aviv [. . .]

So Channel 10's Shlomi Eldar is interviewing the good doctor by phone, live on TV, when suddenly there's a boom and the doctor begins to scream "Oh god, they killed my daughters".

. . . One of our tanks missed its actual target and took out the good Dr's house, killing two of his daughters and injuring a third (who [. . .] was airlifted to the same hospital where her dad works).

This, by the way, happened after the doctor complained earlier in the week that a tank with its barrel pointed directly at the his window was making him nervous. So Ronni Daniel, [the . . .embedded IDF reporter] military reporter for Channel 2, reportedly spoke to the commander in question and got him to point that thing someplace else. Only temporarily, as it turns out."

(from 'Ricky B' (New Yorker, living in Israel) in 'Open Salon'.

Square brackets indicate where I have removed defamatory phrases in the original.

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